Minnesota Pho....for real.

Minnesota Pho: Part 1


I love the Fall for many reasons: the crisp smell of bonfires in the air, my birthday is in October, football, and the list goes on. What it also means is that, with the change of seasons, it is getting colder. The weather is nice now, but before you know it, you’re dreading leaving your bed to scrap ice off of your car.  Our cravings, much like the weather, changes with the seasons, and as such we should educate ourselves on what the season has to offer us to eat.


I like a good stick-to-your-bones soup, the kind you expect to welcome you after a hard day in the icy tundra that is your winter route to work. I’ll save the obvious Game of Throne references for a later date, and focus on picking a good meal for the season. The winner for me is a  good winter vegetable soup. The flavors of the vegetables, and deep, savory taste that warms your core is a craving of mine when the temperature starts to drop. Since being the Dapper Chef, I find myself wanting to experiment with different recipes, and inventing new things for the season. That being said, I decided to do a new take on a winter vegetable soup, by adding a Vietnamese soup base (Pho). I affectionately call it Minnesota Pho. As of right now, the ingredients consist of butternut squash, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and leeks. I will add more ingredients to the dish, as it evolves, but I would like you, the fan, to comment and help create this dish together. I think it is an honor to have your help and support when creating new, exciting dishes like this one.


This blog is the first of many in the pursuit to create this dish, and when completed, I wish to have it as the entree for a private dinner. As a personal chef, I grow by listening to my fans and critics; so, please let me know what you think about my idea, what you want to see in it, or any other questions you may have. I cannot wait to hear from you.


Stay dapper.

Chris MunginComment