It all started when...

My mom first called me into the kitchen to watch her prepare our upcoming meal. From that first wall-shaking shout from my mom, I viewed food as something that gathers people. Being from the Midwest confirmed this belief as years of BBQs, grill outs, and block parties drew people from all corners of the county.

As a college freshman, I was determined to learn to cook for myself,  my belief was no one could cook as well as my mom. During spring break, I convinced my homesick friends to throw me $10 in order for me to make Easter dinner. I can still remember the look of satisfaction and gluttonous shame on my friends' faces as they demolished  course after course. 


After college, I made the first move to becoming the Dapper Chef, by attending the Culinary program at the Art Institute in Minneapolis. Afterwards, I took the opportunity to travel to South Korea, among other S.E. Asian countries, and started my professional career as chef.